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Going to study abroad or just traveling away from home can be very exciting! We have had hundreds of international students who have studied with us and absolutely enjoyed their study abroad experience and we want the same for you!

It may be the first time for some of you to be traveling overseas and for some of you to be away from home, therefore, we want to make sure that you have all our support to prepare you to come to USP. Your time with us should be a smooth transition as there are just so many other things to do during leisure.

Apart from the friendly smiles and hospitality of the people in the Pacific, you are bound to learn our cultural lifestyle and the uniqueness of our natural environment! There is so much to do and learn on campus as well as off campus and we can assure you that your memories will be with you forever!

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    USP is a great school and I learned so much there. I took Coral Reef Ecology and Fisheries Biology and had so much fun.. I made so many friends at USP. I played on the USP basketball team and was chair of the basketball committee for USP sports day.
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    SEUNJ JO, Korea
    The campus is so green! The people here are so friendly and approachable.
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    USP is a beautiful, scenic place to spend a semester. The people on campus are friendly and want to know about you and be your friend RELEVANT
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    With such a beautiful campus, it was difficult not to get caught up and distracted. I learned my way around campus, I began to better understand the foreign accents, and I loved eating at the little café on campus for lunch