USP International


USP is happy to receive applications from international students who would like to enroll in postgraduate programmes.  Like all other applicants your application will be considered by the Postgraduate Committee in the faculty for which you are applying.  Your eligibility to be admitted will be assessed on the basis of your academic performance in your undergraduate degree(s).

In addition, to ensure you have the English language skills necessary to be successful in tertiary studies at USP, you are required to provide evidence about your English language competence.  You must show that your secondary schooling or some of your tertiary education was conducted in the English language, or that you have passed the IELTS or TOEFL examinations.

You are required to submit a hard copy of the Application for Admission to a Postgraduate Programme form along with the relevant certified documents. Before you submit your form, please check that:

•   you meet the admission requirements for your chosen program,
•   you have included all the certified documentary evidence required to support your application,
•   you have indicated an email contact address so that you can be advised promptly of information relating to your enrolment

Successful applicants will be advised in writing, and at that time will be sent the necessary forms and information about applying for a Student Permit.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate forms are due on the following dates each year:

•   Semester I – 31 May
•   Semester II – 30 November

MBA forms are due:

•   Trimester I – 31 December
•   Trimester II – 15 March
•   Trimester III – 16 August

For more information about admission as an international student please email international (at)