USP International

Visas and Immigration

As an international student, you will need a study permit to study in Fiji. Students are advised NOT to apply for a study permit through the Fijian consulate in your home country.

Study permits should only be applied for AFTER you have been given an offer letter from the university. Applying for a study permit without an offer letter does NOT guarantee admission to the university.

Globalinks and University of Wisconsin Platteville students please contact your Study Abroad coordinators.

What documents are needed?

All international students will need to submit the following documents for a study permit:

•   A completed application form
•   A copy of your biodata page of your valid passport
•   A copy of your return air ticket with your departure date
•   Bank statements, showing evidence of funding to support your study
•   Medical report
•   Police report
•   4 regular sized passport photos with a white background
•   Notarized copy of your birth certificate
•   Study Permit Fee:
  • – Undergraduate, IEP and postgraduate coursework visa fee: FJD $530 ($330 immigration fee and $200 non refundable)
  • – Masters Research and PhD Research visa fee: FJD $867 ($667 immigration fee, plus $200 non refundable bond)

Note: All documents need to be certified and where documents are not in English has to be officially translated, certified and submitted with originals.

Where do I submit my application?

A copy of your application must be emailed to international(at) by June 25th (for July start) or January 25th (for February start). You must bring the original copy of your application with you and hand them to USP International upon your arrival.

Student Visa
USP International
University of the South Pacific
Private Mail Bag
Suva, Fiji

Student permit payments

Payment for student permits need to be made in advance through wire transfer or through credit card. All payments will need to be received 3 weeks before the semester starts. This is to allow enough time for internal processes.

Students are advised to contact USP International for details of payment methods.

What if I need an extension?

Currently registered international students whose permits have expired and who would like it renewed for further studies will have to submit an application for extension to USP International office. Our office will liaise with Immigration on your behalf to get your permit extended for you. Your application will need to be submitted with the following documents:

•   Completed Application Form
•   Copy of return air ticket indicating departure date
•   Bank statement to confirm availability of funds with supporting cover letter

Pre-departure Checklist

There is a list of things that international students coming to study at USP should remember before they depart their home country.

Visas and immigration

Remember to:
•   Secure post your application for a study permit and make payments before you travel to USP
•   Keep a photocopy of your application and documents
•   Organise your return air tickets and send a scanned copy to USP International Office

Paper documentation

Remember to:
•   Make copies of all your important documents and have them certified


Remember to bring:
•   Any prescribed medication and contacts of your doctor in your home country
•   Letter from your doctor if you have any special conditions

Money and banking

Remember to bring:
•   Insurance policies
•   Financial support, e.g. credit card, travelers cheques, etc


Remember to:
•   Weigh your luggage to make sure you don’t have access baggage
•   Organize your return air tickets
•   Make a list of your luggage

Important documents and deadlines