USP International


1.   How do I apply for studies at USP?

Download and fill out an application form, attach requested documents and mail it to the University. If you are unsure about any programmes, please email usp international office to ask for assistance.

2.   What courses and programs are offered at USP?

A variety of courses and program are offered to International Students in the undergraduate and postgraduate categories. Please click here for more information.

3. How many courses can I be enrolled in a semester?

Study Abroad and undergraduate students can enroll in up to a maximum of 4 classes per semester, while postgraduate students can enroll in up to 2 classes per semester. Contact us to find out more.

4. Where can I find accommodation?

Accommodation for International students is available on-campus and off-campus. Students who wish to reside on campus need to ensure that all appropriate forms are filled and sent to the university by the deadlines. Students wishing to reside off campus may contact us to find out options.

5. What is the accommodation like?

Accommodation in Fiji and the USP member countries varies. If you are coming to the Laucala campus in Fiji, you can choose to stay in the at the Halls of Residence or the premium Waqavuka flats. If you are off campus, you accommodation rates will vary, depending on the level of furnishing. If you are off campus, you will pay for rent and utility bills on a monthly basis.

6. When is the deadline for application to study at USP?

Semester I: 30 November
Semester II: 31 May

7. How do I get to Fiji?

There are direct flights from Los Angeles, Honolulu, Sydney, Auckland, and Seoul to Fiji. Here are some useful links that will help you select flights. If you are unsure of how to get to Fiji, please visit a travel agency in your local area to seek advise.

8. When should I arrive at USP?

You should be at the university one week prior to the commencement of lectures so that you can attend the compulsory orientation for international students. Find out more regarding orientation schedule and date from us.

9. How do I get to USP after I arrive in Fiji?

Students who arrive at Nadi International Airport can catch a connecting flight to Nausori (Suva’s airport) and get a taxi to the University, or get a direct coach from Nadi Airport to Suva. It is not recommended that students catch a mini-bus. USP International staff is happy to pick up students from the Suva bus stand or the Nausori airport, therefore, we advise that you send us a copy of your itinerary at least 2-3 weeks prior to your arrival so that we can make arrangements to pick you up.

10. Where can I find information regarding student visas?

All information regarding visas and immigration can be found on the visa section of this website.

11. What are the facilities are available at USP?

The University provides all facilities for students such as computer labs with Internet, a Library, dining, accommodation, bank, medical, study areas, discussion rooms, and many more. Click here for details.

12. Do people in Fiji speak English?

Yes. Fiji’s national language is English and it is the medium of communication in the workforce and in the education system. All teaching at the University is in English.

13. Where are representatives of foreign governments located in Fiji and how do I contact them?

All foreign embassies in Fiji are located in Suva, the same city as the University. Click on Foreign Embassy Contacts for more information.

14. How long does visa processing take?

The processing of visas usually depends on your application – if all the required documents have been submitted and the visa fees is paid, it can take between a week or two. If your documents are pending, it could take 3 weeks to 2 months, so please make sure you submit all the required documents to avoid delays.

15. What is it like to study at USP?

USP is a multi-cultural environment, with smiling and friendly faces. Professors and staff are approachable and will assist students whenever they can. Naturally, the campus is is very green, with lots of space and receives the breezy air from the sea. Read testimonials from previous International Students on the homepage.

16. Where do I go if I am sick?

All students have to have health insurance. The recommended USP medical scheme entitles students to free medical services at the University Medical Center. All international students are requested to purchase the mandatory health insurance of F$57.50. There are also private doctors and a Private Hospital.

17. Do I have to buy health insurance even if I am insured back at home?

Yes. All International Students will have to buy the USP student health scheme.

18. What is the contact email and phone number for the International Students’ Office?

Email: international(at) Phone: 679 3232 743