Programmes We Offer


USP has programmes and courses designed to provide you with unique perspectives of the Pacific. You will get firsthand experience during field trips in Marine Studies, Tourism, Geography, Environmental Science, Biology and many more! Our academics are gathered from all around the globe, their different learning styles are reflected in a rich, enjoyable and memorable environment. Being the premier Institution for higher Education in the South Pacific region, USP prides itself as an institution of quality in all areas of learning and teaching. USP provides quality support, learning and teaching through their services being provided. It has ranked one of the top 50 in the Oceania region; we strive to improve our services and encourage students to achieve high academic results. We pride ourselves on being an institution that awards certificates comparable to Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Our University is classified has one of the best accredited institution in the Pacific Region. The USP International Office currently has 6 staff that are dedicated to providing the best student support services. The office is open five days a week; however, staffs are always happy to assist students during semester breaks and weekends. Our office interns are also available to show you ...

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