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Welcome to the USP International webpage! The USP International Office (USPI), also known as the International Office is the first point of contact for prospective and registered international students. International students are those who hold a nationality of a country (other than a USP member country); and are enrolled or registered in a USP Programme. The primary responsibilities of USPI include:
Providing support services to international students registered to study at USP including undergraduate and postgraduate students;
Monitoring the expectations and experiences of international students studying at USP; and
Increasing enrollments of International students through the development and implementation of the international recruitment strategy.
At present, USPI manages the USP Exchange Program, which allows for reciprocal exchange of students between partner institutions. It has managed EU-funded scholarship under the Erasmus Mundus Programme, such as ANGEL, BULA, DREAM, CARPIMS, MUNDUS ACP and MUNDUS ACP II. USPI is also the focal point for Erasmus + programmes establishing 5 partnerships for the mobility of Staff and Students with Universities in Europe.
While our primary goal and priority is our international students and prospective students, we are generally happy to assist any individuals, faculties, departments/sections, and visitors needing assistance and advice. However, our level of support may vary depending on our resources and the information we have.

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