Mr. Elvis Kumar

Pacific greetings from the USP International Office. It has been a pleasant 5 months for me at one of the crucial Offices of USP. I am the Project Assistant for the Japan East-Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Project. I am originally from the second capital of Fiji – Lautoka and have been in USP for the past 5 years where I graduated from in 2016.

I have worked for the USP Research Office and was also engaged in the JENESYS Projects since 2015 as Project Intern. I believe USP provides an excellent environment for its students, hence I am pursuing my Post-Graduate studies in Diplomacy and International Affairs here now. My interests lie in social work, peacebuilding work, youth activities and self-development programmes and thus, I am involved in a number of activities in youth groups and NGOs and charitable organisations. My hobbies include swimming, meditation, getting to taste different varieties of food from across the world, meeting new people and learning new cultures.

From my travel experiences of the past 5 years, I would say that Pacific hospitality is one of the finest one and beyond comparison to any other. Therefore, I invite you all to join USP now and be part of one of the only two Regional Universities in the World and get the best out of our Pacific culture, island vibes and great hospitality.