Ms. Lillian Fuata

It has indeed been a privilege to be part of the USP international office where I get first-hand to meet students from across the world. The fascinating thing about cultural diversity is that each student brings with them a different story of their journey to Fiji. This is one of the highlights of my rich work experience so far in meeting students from all walks of life and enjoying the melting pot experience at The University of the South Pacific. A place where relationship matters and where community and kinship are fostered.

As alumina of USP, my qualifications are in Bachelors of Commerce in Tourism and Industrial Relations, and I currently intend to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Management. I started my career as a part-time student working and trying to make ends meet with my family. My career at USP started as a student assistant at the Student Administrative Services for four years in which I was fortunate enough to join the School of Tourism and Hospitality as permanent staff for a year. I later followed my passion and became part of the vibrant team at the International office at USP.

The South Pacific’s tropical paradise is where you would want to be. Not only do we have the warmest seas, clear blue skies and white sands with swaying palm trees, we still have people who care enough to stop and have a chat with you and invite you to their homes because they still do care. USP with its rich cultural diversity awaits you. Definitely, the University of the South Pacific is your University!