Why Study With Us

Unique Programmes & Courses

Here at USP, our programmes and courses are designed to offer you the unique perspectives of the Pacific. Our academics and teaching staff come from diverse backgrounds and travel from within the Pacific communities and across the globe to be part of this diverse community. As such, learning and teaching at our university is a rich, memorable, and rewarding experience for all! All our courses are specially structured to instill the following USP graduate attributes:

  • Academic excellence
  • Intellectual curiosity and integrity
  • Capacity for leadership and working with others
  • Appreciation of the cultures of the Pacific Islands
  • Cross-cultural competencies

Programmes at our university are available from undergraduate (Certificate and Diploma) to PhD level. This of course includes a selection of postgrad and Master’s level programmes through coursework or thesis. Students have the option to register their units through study modes best suited for them; be it face to face mode, blended mode, or online mode.

You will get first-hand experience during fieldtrips in Marine Studies, Tourism, Geography, Environmental Science, Biology and many more courses to select from!


Programmes and Courses:


Premier Institution for Learning

As the premier Institution for higher Education in the South Pacific region, USP prides itself as an institution of quality in all areas of learning and teaching. We strive to improve our services and encourage students to achieve high academic results.

USP encourages self- development, open mindedness, and cultural inclusivity through activities such as interschool debates, student support workshops, seminars, volunteer events, field trips, and many more. Not to mention that we offer a breadth of excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary education and research. We welcome students from all across the globe.

Students are always welcome to get additional help from teaching staff via consultations, and you’ll find student learning supports for each faculty where you can attend study sessions hosted by a peer mentor.

Our university is classified as one of the best accredited institution in the Pacific Region. We offer programmes that are recognized in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom and are proud to have been ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the Oceania region.

Quality & Technology

USP provides quality support, learning and teaching through their services being provided. It has ranked one of the top 50 in the Oceania region; we strive to improve our services and encourage students to achieve high academic results. We pride ourselves on being an institution that awards certificates comparable to Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Our University is classified has one of the best accredited institution in the Pacific Region.

With classes offered via the Face-to-Face, Distant and Flexible (DFL) and blended modes our students are able to study at 14 campuses across 12 Pacific Island countries especially through our Satellite tutorials and Lecture Capture feature.

All our campuses are equipped with IT labs and on campus WiFi for the students to access.

Specialized Support for Students

While the International Office services as the one Stop shop for International students there are other specialized support services for students on campus as well. The Careers Center helps students map out their career paths and provides Career counseling as well. If you are feeling home sick or need some general counseling the Campus has a Counseling centre and you can book your time slot to speak to a professional about any matters that you wish to discuss. Furthermore, the Disability Resource Centre (DRS) is equipped to assist students with any disability while also providing Sign Language interpreters, assistive technology, and student volunteers to help escort you to and from your classes. International Students are required to have a Health Insurance cover and there is a Medical centre on campus to provide you with medical assistance.

If your need is more academic you will can liaise with one of the Student Learning Specialists (SLS). Each faculty has its own hub with very friendly SLS staff along with Peer Mentors who provide with more one on one learning and facilitation. You can also attend their student support workshops to help yourself adjust to the University’s learning environment.

Additional services include the Library and Computer Labs which are accessible at different hours at the different campuses. However, at the main campus in Laucala (Suva, Fiji) you will find the Library is accessible 24 hours and has an excellent Pacific Studies collection. In 2019 the Library Commons has opened providing an even more conducive study environment.

Drop by the USP International Office at a time convenient to you as we are open five days a week (Monday – Friday) and our office interns are also available to show you around the campus and assist you in adjusting to your new campus. So feel free to visit the USP International for a cup of tea or a chat whenever you feel like one.

USPI Staff: https://international.usp.ac.fj/about-us/meet-the-team/ 

World Class Research

The University is committed to being the foremost research university in the Pacific Island Region and meeting the needs and aspirations of Pacific Island communities. The University undertakes and prioritises research that recognises the uniqueness of the Pacific Islands while creating an environment that assists the social, cultural and economic advancement of the countries and people of this region.

USP places great emphasis on enhancing the experience of our research students. We strive for student excellence and empowerment; ensuring a culture of meaningful innovation.

We are often inviting our graduate alumni and accomplished individuals to share their research and achievements with our current students at our public seminars. Listen, learn, and be inspired to make your own mark in the world.

Research Office: http://research.usp.ac.fj/


USP has 14 Campuses across 12 Pacific Island countries. While they all differ in living expenses they still fare well in comparison to the International Market. We welcome students from all across the globe to take advantage of our attractive tuition and accommodation fees. Compared to other universities our cost of living, visa fees, and tuition fees are much cheaper. You will be able to move around with ease and enjoy the great local cuisines at very affordable prices.

With most Pacific island countries being relatively small in size it is easy to get from one point to another by means of Bus, Taxi or even cycle and walk. Passenger trains are not common in the Pacific island countries. If you are visiting one of the outer islands you may travel by plane or small boats.

While most Pacific Island countries are visa-free for tourists there are procedures and fees for student permits which you must acquire prior to your arrival.

More details on cost of living can be found HERE, and the USP fees structure can be found HERE

Note: Tuition Fees https://international.usp.ac.fj/applying/tuition-fees/

Tropical Climate & Cultural Diversity

Study in Paradise where there are two seasons – winter and summer. Year-round

Here is your opportunity to study in paradise and experience the tropical climate. You can travel to the various Pacific islands during your breaks or to carry out your research projects. The Pacific mainly has two seasons: Summer and Winter or Sunshine and Rain. The year-round temperatures average 20-30 degrees Celsius / 70-85 Fahrenheit. You can read more about our Pacific climatic conditions by visiting the South Pacific Islands Travel. You can also visit the various Pacific Island countries during your study breaks or for your research.

The USP campus is one where people from different ethnic, social, cultural & religious backgrounds gather together. USP students and staff come from diverse backgrounds and travel from within the Pacific communities and across the globe to be part of this diverse community. You can study at our one of our 14 campuses across the 12 Pacific island member countries with fellow Pacific and International students.

Note: https://southpacificislands.travel/

Community Engagement

For a holistic experience at USP we work with our International students to give back to the local communities. A day in each semester is dedicated to spending time in the community with the local people, disadvantaged groups and the less fortunate. Whether it is visiting the local Orphanage and engaging in sports and singing with the kids or spending the day with students at the Fiji School for the Blind. The time spent has been memorable for the International Students as well as for the community. This is also an opportune moment to form new friendships with the local community.

Our office also connects interested students into volunteer programmes with local organisations and communities. An opportunity for interested students to work with the communities at the grassroots level.

Get to know your community and put down roots through service.

International Student Association

The International Students community is like a family home away from home. The ISA provides the International students with the opportunity of coming together to socialize and network. They organise various activities throughout the semester and some of the past activities have included: hikes, fundraisers, socials and competitions. The association comprises of diverse cultural background thus an obvious wealth of knowledge, experiences and networks can be shared.

Additionally, there are added opportunities throughout the semester to mingle with students from the various other cultural groups that make up USP through sports tournaments, cultural, educational and social events.

The new friendship that forms and bonds through the semester is one that leaves you with a smile on your face and great memories to last a lifetime.

During Orientation week ISA assists to ensure the new students are settling in comfortably. During this time the new students can also join the ISA group on Social Media pages.

The association arranges for a meeting early in the semester to elect a committee for the smooth running of activities throughout the semester. A buddy system right here for you!