USP has 14 Campuses across 12 Pacific Island countries. While they all differ in living expenses they still fare well in comparison to the International Market. We welcome students from all across the globe to take advantage of our attractive tuition and accommodation fees. Compared to other universities our cost of living, visa fees, and tuition fees are much cheaper. You will be able to move around with ease and enjoy the great local cuisines at very affordable prices.

With most Pacific island countries being relatively small in size it is easy to get from one point to another by means of Bus, Taxi or even cycle and walk. Passenger trains are not common in the Pacific island countries. If you are visiting one of the outer islands you may travel by plane or small boats.

While most Pacific Island countries are visa-free for tourists there are procedures and fees for student permits which you must acquire prior to your arrival.

More details on cost of living can be found HERE, and the USP fees structure can be found HERE

Note: Tuition Fees