Tropical Climate & Cultural Diversity

Study in Paradise where there are two seasons – winter and summer. Year-round

Here is your opportunity to study in paradise and experience the tropical climate. You can travel to the various Pacific islands during your breaks or to carry out your research projects. The Pacific mainly has two seasons: Summer and Winter or Sunshine and Rain. The year-round temperatures average 20-30 degrees Celsius / 70-85 Fahrenheit. You can read more about our Pacific climatic conditions by visiting the South Pacific Islands Travel. You can also visit the various Pacific Island countries during your study breaks or for your research.

The USP campus is one where people from different ethnic, social, cultural & religious backgrounds gather together. USP students and staff come from diverse backgrounds and travel from within the Pacific communities and across the globe to be part of this diverse community. You can study at our one of our 14 campuses across the 12 Pacific island member countries with fellow Pacific and International students.