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USP isn’t just about books and studies, there are numerous other things that you can do and see during your time at USP. Fiji and the Pacific have a lot to offer in terms of the natural environment – landscape, marine life, flora and fauna. You can easily find places to visit by searching the web or talking to the locals. Do not forget to fill out your travel log before heading out.

CINEMA’s are very popular in Fiji. You can find two cinema complexes in Suva; Village 6 cinema and Damodar event cinema at the Damodar City complex. Additionally you can find Village 4 cinema in Lautoka. And you will find the Life Cinema in Nadi and Lautoka.

SHOPPING is enjoyed by many and you will find many stores across the country to purchase local and international merchandise. Suva has a few large shopping complexes with a variety of retail outlets, food courts and cafés for you to enjoy. The major shopping malls in Suva are; MHCC, Tappoos City, Mid-City mall, Suva Central, FNPF Plaza, Dolphins Plaza, Sports City, Garden City and Damodar City.

Thrift shopping is very common in many parts of the Pacific. In Suva the popular thrift shops are Value City, Bargain Box, Eeshaans Bargain, Eagles Closet and The Bulk. Other thrift stores are located conveniently around the City.

Check the Suva City Council website for more information on Suva.

WONDERLUSTING in Fiji can be your greatest experience. Fiji has a wide range of sights, activities, and adventures to add to your Fijian experience. You can easily visit some of the most breathtaking places in Fiji over the weekends but please be sure to read up and talk to the locals before embarking on your trip. Remember to fill out your travel log and do take precaution. When preparing to come to Fiji you should budget separately for your sightseeing and adventure trips. You can visit the outer Islands of Fiji by means of ferry (boat ride). Enjoy the activities such as deep sea diving, shark feeding, game fishing, snorkeling, river rafting, river safari, cave exploring, Zip lining, Surfing, Hiking, Mud pools, and dolphin sighting.

ARTS AND CULTURE is an integral part of the Pacific community. Walking around the university and the surrounding environment brings you in contact with different faces, smiles and personalities. Given that USP is made up of 12 member countries, there is a rich and vibrant culture within the university. Adding to the Pacific mix we have numerous International students from various parts of the world who are always sharing their culture and experiences. Mixing the cultures guarantees you nothing less than a rich, exciting and enjoyable cultural experience.
When you come to study with us, we will show you how we live our lives; cook our food, dance and live each day. As people of the Pacific, we are glad to share our lifestyle with you and we hope to learn from your time here with us.