Exchange Fair in Wellington 2018

»»Exchange Fair in Wellington 2018

Exchange Fair in Wellington 2018

My name is Rinshika Ritashna Maharaj and I am a third year student at the University of the South Pacific doing Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Economics. Currently, I am on a Student Exchange Programme from USP to Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand.

This event, Student Exchange Fair, is Victoria Abroad’s largest event which gives an opportunity to advertise and promote travelling abroad to one of the partner Universities on Student Exchange. This event was held on 10 April, 2018 at The Hub & Maclaurin Foyer, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus.

My key role in this event was to act as a Student Ambassador to represent and promote my University, USP, to new prospective students. Information on the University courses, culture, food and travel were provided to students who were interested. I promoted USP by advocating to the students the value of exchange and study at USP. Also, by sharing my experience as a student and encouraging other students to attain their Tertiary Education from this University.

Sharing information with prospective students.
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