Frequently Asked Questions for JENESYS Program

  1. Who can apply for this JENESYS programme?
    USP coordinates this JENESYS programme for students from who are nationals from these 14 Pacific Island countries; Cook Islands, Fiji, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Kiribati, Marshall Islands (RMI), Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. 
  2. Where do I apply if I am from Palau, FSM or RMI?
    You need to submit a manual application with the embassy of Japan in your country. If you are at USP please enquire with the JENESYS office at Laucala campus.
  3. Where do I apply if I am not from one of the 14 countries listed (above) on the application form?
    You can enquire with an embassy of Japan near you.
  4. Is this the official website for JENESYS programme worldwide?
    This website is for the 14-member Pacific Island countries listed only.
  5. As a student do I receive any per-diem or stipends during the travel?
    Student participants do not receive any stipends during the programme. Supervising staff receive a contingency per diem for the programme.
  6. If I am selected for one tour group can I change my dates to defer my travel in another group?
    If you have signed the LoU you will not be allowed to defer your travel. You will have to travel with the group you signed for or reimburse the programme for the costs incurred for you.
  7. Where do I get a medical certificate?
    You can obtain a medical certificate from any General Practitioner (doctor) and this must clearly state that you are fit to travel. The medical certificate must have a letter head and the doctors name and contact details should be clearly stated.
  8. What happens if I miss my flight?
    If the flight delay or cancelation was a result of the airline than the airline will need to make compensations. If you arrived late and missed your flight you will be held responsible and you will need to reimburse the project for the costs incurred to you.
  9. I previously applied for a prior JENESYS project but wasn’t selected. Can I apply again?
    Yes you can apply again.
  10. I have travelled for JENESYS before. Can I apply to go again?
    No, your application will not be considered.
  11. My passport is valid for less than 6months from the date of travel for the JENESYS programme. Can I apply?
    You will need to renew your passport as the visa requirement states that your passport needs to be valid for 6months or more from the date of travel.
  12. What documents will I need from my sponsor?
    If you are sponsored by the FIJIAN government you will need to provide:Full name,

    • Student ID number,
    • programme of study and when you got the scholarship/sponsorship
    • A letter from your guarantor stating they are aware of your travel dates; (You cannot be your own guarantor). Our office will arrange the necessary document.

If you are sponsored by any other source, you will need a signed/stamped letter (original) or email stating they are giving you clearance to travel. Please note that withholding such information is an offence and you could be risking your scholarship/sponsorship by withholding such information.

  1. Do I have to participate in the group cultural performance?
    Yes, and you can make arrangements with your group and supervisor on your participation in this activity to suit your need or requirement.
  2. I need a sign language interpreter, will one be provided during the programme?
    Yes, a sign language interpreter will be assigned to you and he/she will accompany you throughout the programme, but you need to indicate this in your application form.
  3. My first aid certificate expired last month can I still qualify to travel?
    You must have a valid first aid certificate, and this applies to supervisor staff only. Student applicants do not need a first aid training certificate.