Road travel

There are two main highways on the main island (Viti Levu) of Fiji. These are the Queens highway and the Kings highway. When arriving at the airport you can take a domestic flight to Nausori and a taxi to Suva or you can take a local bus or taxi from the Nadi Airport to Suva. It takes approximately 4.5 – 5 hours by the local bus and 3.5 – 4 hours by taxi from the Nadi Airport to Suva. Before boarding a taxi ensure they are a registered taxi with a yellow number plate and the registration beginning with LT. Airport taxis are yellow in colour and have a higher starting rate when compared to public taxis. Minibus or Minivan is another of transportation in Fiji and one that we do not recommend. Additionally, please note that not all minibus/minivan have a license to operate under the Land Transport Authority (LTA) act.
If you are planning to explore Fiji on your own (or with friends) please take extra precaution when driving or traveling by public transportation.
Hitchhiking is also not recommended as this may hinder your safety. It is very common to find stray animals along the highways as well as pedestrians and road side vendors. While some areas have street lights other areas are poorly lit or have no street lights at all.
Be mindful of the road signs and of your surrounding as some areas have damaged or no road signs. Adverse weather conditions can lead to roads becoming damaged, blocked or washed away. Seek local advice before you set out and keep up to date with the weather forecast and bulletins.