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Mr. Henry Work
International Students Officer

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I had the pleasure of joining the USP International Office team in November 2016, and my journey so far has had some of the most exciting experiences of my working career. The International Office plays a vital role in marketing our University and the Pacific region to the rest of the world, and being a part of this team has allowed me this opportunity to contribute towards bringing the rest of the world to our Large Ocean States not only to be a part of our education system, but to participate in the diversity of cultures that make the Pacific region unique. Prior to the International Office, I was part-time employed as a Student Assistant at the USP Student Administrative Services for 3 years, and at the School of Biological & Chemical Sciences as a Part-time Laboratory Demonstrator and Tutor, while also completing my Bachelors of Science and Graduate Certificate in Education, and progressing to my Postgraduate Diploma in Science programme here at USP. My previous work experience gave me many opportunities to meet with students from different Pacific Island nations and to assist them with all types of queries relating to their academic life in USP and in my home country Fiji; and now as the International Students Officer, I have been granted the privilege of meeting international students of nationalities outside the pacific region and I could not be any more excited! If you are reading this and you have not applied to study at The University of the South Pacific, I suggest you login onto the USP Website and APPLY NOW! The Pacific has so much to offer you during your study, from meeting Pacific Islanders from many beautiful cultures to experiencing a rich biodiversity of plants and animals. Grab this opportunity to be a Pacific Islander, learn, and understand our ways of life, and help us understand yours so we can all be a part of a better future.