Intensive English Programme

Course Description 

The Intensive English Programme (IEP) is a general English language programme that is offered 4 times (Terms 1-4) a year and taught at six competency levels comprising the four macro skills:

Listening, Speaking Reading, Writing. The programme will empower you to use English socially, for study and for work.

A skill-based syllabus is employed where the following components are equally weighed:

Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
You will learn these four skills in a lively way that gets you motivated.
Skills are practised in classes under the direction of a tutor.

It is important however that the learner takes charge of his/her learning in an engaging, diverse and caring environment.

We will ask you to speak a lot and to get involved in a wide variety of activities.
There will be many opportunities for you to practice what you have learned so that you become an “active” learner.

Each course comprises 210 contact hours. To ensure that learners benefit from the total number of hours,
there are twenty-one hours of classes spread over 10 (ten) weeks.

Courses in IEP are offered to those who have either completed the pre-requisite course or
those who qualify after passing the Placement Test.

Admissions Requirements:



Note that Tuition has to be paid in full prior to the start of classes. An Offer Letter will not be issued without confirmation of fees.

Expected fees are as follows:

IEP Fees                                           FJD$2,500 (Tuition) per term

Health Service Fee                           FJD$80

General Service Fee                        FJD$50