Checklist Before Applying for Students


*Be sure to have your passport bio data page in either PDF or JPEG to upload.

*This should be a CLEAR copy with all details visible.

*Blurred or unclear copies of uploads will disqualify your application.

*Ensure that you have a valid passport.

*You can NOT apply without a valid passport.


*You must upload a clear profile photo of yourself.

*No selfies, filtered or group photos.

*Photo must be a recent one.

*File must be either JPEG or PDF.


*There are two essays to be answered.

*Each essay needs to be between 300 to 350 words.

*Student Essay questions are:

Q1: Each tour in JENESYS has a theme. How does your selected theme help you in your current area of study? How would your participation in this theme help you to address issues in your community?

Q2: Post promotion activities are an important part of the project. Provide your plan to further promote Japan and its culture when your tour completes. This plan should be executed by 30th July 2020.