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Fiji is exciting, dynamic, and inspiring – the culture here is so rich, and the people are so friendly. For such a small nation, it has a lot to offer. Whether its trekking for 1.5 hours up Mt Korobaba in flip flops, or hitting the beaches along the coral coast without wearing sunscreen. For some, mistakes may be the only way to learn. For me, the best way to learn is by doing. So that’s exactly what I’ve done. And what a wonderful adventure it has been

Katie, Australia

Being part of the International Students Association (ISA) is awesome as I get to meet and work side by side students from all across the globe. As I have taken an added leadership role this semester it has allowed me to work closer with our other members to organize events for our association. Some of my highlights this semester include the volleyball tournament and hike up Mt Korobaba.  I also enjoy volunteering with the International office during their orientation week and throughout the semester as it gives me an opportunity to welcome our new students and help settle them down in their new ‘Fijian home’

Viliame Yari, PNG

I have been given the opportunity to experience the “Fijian way of life” through the homestay option provided by the USP International Office. I have been embraced as part of the family and they have allowed me to create wonderful experiences by exposing me to the Fijian culture and beliefs.

The most interesting aspect of the Fijian way of life is the food. In the beginning I was reluctant to try the Fijian dishes but this changed after being with my homestay. Thanks to them I have tried all the types of crabs in Fiji, tasted the lovo, various types of fishes and even Fijian desserts among other foods. My favorite dish is the Otta (green fern) with Mitty (coconut milk) which I have learnt to prepare, thanks to my homestay.

This experience has allowed me to embrace Fiji as my second home and to create profound memories while studying. My homestay family has allowed me to feel at home and I am able to focus and perform well in school.

My Name is Ahnivar Peralta, from the beautiful country of Belize. I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Climate Change and I hope my testimony provides as the convincing piece of information for you to join me and many other international students to study at the University of the South Pacific to live the rich cultural experiences that Fiji and its lovely people have to offer.

Ni Sa Moce!!

Ahnivar, Belize